Rienna The Red (rienna_the_red) wrote in bootniks,
Rienna The Red

ReBoot: A What-If

Contains spoilers.

Sooo... in "Nullbot of The Bride", say Copy-Bob was just that; a copy-- or rather Web-Bob was the copy and er yeah you get the idea. Basically we have Bob's A and B and no Trojan Horse Megabyte (at least not in MainFrame).

Say Glitch stayed with that guy.

Say Dot went with her original instinct and married Copy-Bob and Web-Bob decided to do the gracious thing and step out.

Talk about depressing. Now what? What's a copy to do with no Glitch and no girl?
At least young!Enzo is rooting for him, but still, what to do?

Well, let's retreat into something nice and safe and mundane in these times of crisis: paperwork.
The Bob formerly known as Guardian 452 is STILL CARRYING Guardian Protocol. This means reporting to the head Guardian Turbo and hashing out all the formalities. Bob- copy or no- still has the training and knowledge that he originally obtained as a cadet as well as all his memories from MainFrame AND the Web. He'd most likely be allowed to keep his protocol and but be assigned a new call number and possibly a new keytool.

I've no idea if Bob (either version) has surviving family. It's not an issues ever addressed by the show (HINT HINT Rainmaker). I'm torn as to whether the poor dear would want to say good-bye, or if he'd prefer to let Bob B fully take over the life he once considered his own.

Yeah you heard me: "Goodbye".

What with the fiascoes past and present concerning Gigabyte, the advent of Robo-Welly, and Hex's "gift" to young!Enzo, I'm sure Bob has put two and two together. Megabyte carries a piece of Welman Matrix's code, and there is only one way to get it back.

He goes back, my friends. Our intrepid, beloved (ORIGINAL, DAMMIT) Bob ventures back into the Web to retrieve the father of his friends. Mouse threw Megabyte into the Web, so he's GOTTA be in there somewhere. Bob's got some experience in surviving the Web, as well as a pre-existing team of sprites waiting to help him (the Web Riders), soooo sound's like a nice set-up for a new mission to me.

Oh the joys of AU.
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