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This is Good, Real Good

The ReBoot Revival Has Started

The countdown is complete! Visit and read the first installment of the Code of Honor storyline: Paradigms Lost. Sign-up (or login if you've already registered on Zeros2Heroes) to leave comments and critiques. Check out the special thanks section, you'll probably find your name listed -- mine is! Lastly, click on 'Coming Soon' for a bit of info on the trilogy of movies and two comic wallpapers.

You can continue to follow the process of its creation at the writers/artists/editors blog:

The comic is amazing -- all of it. But don't let my humble opinion stand for yours. Go read it!


PS Yes, do tell me if I need to lj-cut the photo. It just perfectly matches my jubilation.

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Deleted comment

True, but that statement is in every Terms of Condition, you just have to look for it. Usually the addendum to that is that "you are responsible for staying updated with these terms and agreements." :-/

Since I have my name already posted on the website as a fan that brought the show back, I do not mind them having my name again.

As for the zipcode thing, it's to help them determine how they will (if they will) distribute the comic in paper form and where. It is also to get your name out there since Z2H is to help aspiring artists and writers get networked.

All in all I don't have a problem with giving my info away (or just make up your zipcode). Reboot is worth it! ^__^