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Damien Kellis

What's your pitch?

So with all this brouhaha about the new ReBoot pitches (here, if you're wondering), it makes me wonder: if you were to create a pitch, what would it be?

- A direct continuation of "My Two Bobs" is not possible. In fact, a direct continuation of anything, from any part of the series, even considering retcons, is not possible. I'm assuming this is due to legal matters. EDIT: As has been pointed out to me in many places, Rainmaker owns a controlling share in Mainframe, and they may own ReBoot as well. I was just unsure, since Ian Pearson and Gavin Blair are not part of the company anymore, if the story for "The Hunt" was property of them, or of Mainframe. Since none of the pitches even remotely considered a direct continuation, I figured that for some reason or other, most likely legal, the continuation was impossible.
- Characters are not to be used as they are. I don't know why, but judging from the pitch characterizations, I have to wonder if the pitch writers were under more legal constraints.
- Trilogy of films. Well, this is not so much an assumption as a given.

Feel free to write up your ideas in your own LJs, but I'd love to look at them, so if you do want to write something up, include a link in the comments or something.

This exercise has no other purpose than my own curiosity. Realistically speaking, we're probably stuck with what the Zeros 2 Heroes site has to offer. So with that in mind, feel free to let your imagination loose.

(Crossposted to my own LJ.)
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